Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweet and Spicy Chili

I am not a chili fan. I don't care for it at all, other than Linda's white chili. I'm also not a kidney bean lover. Buddy raved about this recipe months ago. I said, "Thanks!" then put it away because I had no intention of making a dish with kidney beans as the main ingredient. Eeewwwww! So, when Liza and I set a "homemade" lunch date at her job today. She said that she'd bring the main dish, "one of their favorites!" I was thrilled until she opened the Tupperware and I saw the kidney beans. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I recalled the recipe that Buddy had mentioned all those months ago. Not wanting to disappoint Liza's and her enthusiasm, I ate it anyway. AND. OH. MY! I LOVED IT! This was the best chili I've ever tasted! And it's got to be the most simple recipe I've ever heard of! It's sweet. It's spicy. It's just the right blend.

Here's how:

Brown hamburger and onion. Pour in one drained can of kidney beans. Mix 1 part Catalina salad dressing and 1 part salsa. Mix well and heat. Serve over crushed Nacho Cheese Doritos. Sprinkle a little shredded cheese over that if you'd like. That's it!

Liza said that for one can of kidney beans, they used about 2 cups of salsa and 2 cups of Catalina. It was a perfect consistency. I really don't think that the kind of bean would matter but this was so good that it even made kidney beans taste good! I can't wait to make it for dinner myself! It was just too good! Now, Buddy will have something new to tease me about! Try it! Enjoy!


Carrie's Corner said...

Oh my! Sounds good! Love that Liza of yours....and mine! ;0)
Carrie Copeland

mere said...

that sounds so good....I might have to make that! thanks for so many yummy recipes!