Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spinach and Bowtie Chicken Salad

The first time I tried this recipe was at Miki's baby blessing dinner. Wendy's sister Kris made it and I fell in love...with Kris and the Salad! It makes a LOT of salad (two big salad bowls) and is great for a large crowd. Everyone is still talking about it! (Not my photo, but I love the idea of adding the sesame seeds to it too!)


Blend in blender until smooth:

1 c veggie oil (Kris used 1/2 c olive and 1/2 cup canola)

2/3 c White wine vinegar

2/3 c teriyaki sauce (Kris used kikoman teriyaki marinade)

6 T Sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

Cook 12oz Bowtie Pasta. Rinse and drain.

Add to dressing and refrigerate 2 hours or over night. When ready to serve add:

4-5 Cooked chicken breast

1 bunch chopped green onion

3-6 oz cans mandarin oranges

6oz craisins

6oz honey roasted sliced almonds

spinach 28-32oz

Toss all and serve immediately (You can toss all except spinach a head of time, refrigerate and add spinach right before serving.) Enjoy!

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