Monday, September 20, 2010

Harvest Cook-Off

A fall harvest dinner/“Cook-Off“that was actually held last September. Our Senior Singles Family Home Evening was a delightful little "cook-off" where the seniors brought some of their favorite recipes to be served in addition to Connie’s incredible vegetable-beef soup and Sophia’s homemade whole wheat bread. Everyone else's dishes made for quite the feast! We had amazing baked carrots, several sweet treats, chicken salad on puff tarts, an awesome pasta salad, coleslaw…fabulous foods!
The tablescape was all about food and harvest and preserving, with a bountiful basket of garden produce and preserved goods to go along with the devotional message about spiritual self-reliance.A few empty canning jars with small votive candles inside them brought a little extra light!

For table talk, each Senior was asked to tell about their favorite thing that their mother cooked. The conversation was fascinating. The foods that these seniors ate as children included lots of "bread and milk", mushes made from things that I'd never heard of and many other foods that we'd never consider today as a "staple".

My sister-in-law grows some of the most fascinating flowers and vegetables in her garden and the basket/centerpiece was filled with many of them. Beautimous, if I do say so myself!

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