Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Gratitude Table

It's funny. About half way through each month, I start getting excited to put together my next tablescape. Last night, Doug recognized how much joy this little table has brought me. It's a silly thing, but for me, it says "Welcome!" to the new month, to my friends and family; and it reminds me of the blessings I have. There's not only something to celebrate every month, there's tons of reason to celebrate every day!
My inspiration for this tablescape was this ceramic tile. The quote, one of my favorites, from Henry B. Eyring, "Breathe with Grateful Acknowldegement to Him who Grants Each Breath." How much better could we express thanksgiving than that these words.
The colors are perfect for my pumpkin colored living room. Now, Decemeber might be a bit more difficult! And I've not even let myself thnik about July's table yet!
Less candles on this table than usual... I don't consider Thanksgiving a "romantic" time of the year... just abundant.
I love the leaf shaped soup bowls. I have six of them in all of the fall colors. They are huge. Doug's comment was, "You could have one hearty bowl of soup in those!"
My little plastic acorns fit perfectly in the Pampered Chef Pumpkin bowl. Acorns were purchased at Taipan but later found at Michaels too.
These shiny acorns were fabulous must haves for me! I wish I'd have gotten three so that they could be hanging by ribbons above the table. The "spots" on them are translucent, so they reflect light through them. Next year, if I can find another, they'll be hanging!
I couldn't have a Thanksgiving Table without pumpkins. These tiny white ones were perfect!
My life is abundantly blessed!

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Nicole said...

Very pretty... I will have to go to Michaels for the little acorns...