Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Stuffing

This is one recipe that I've never recorded before because I've never really measured what goes in it. This morning, I took note of what I was using. It makes a TON of stuffing, but I use it for a casserole with leftover turkey. Besides that, stuffing is one of the best things to snitch a piece of all weekend, right? Especially with cranberry salad for a snack! This recipe could be cut in half or thirds, but here's what I make each Thanksgiving, whether we are having 30 people or 2. It does freeze well, but we never have any left after a few days. It's not diet stuffing!

3 - 12oz. bags of Pepperidge Farms Herb Flavored Stuffing croutons or crumbs
1 large bunch of celery
2 large onions
2 cans sliced mushrooms or 1 large package of fresh mushrooms
1 pound of butter (told ya!)
6 eggs
about 6- 8 cups water
1 Tbsp. poultry seasoning
2 regular size cans of chicken broth
salt and pepper

Finely chop the celery, onions and mushrooms. Saute the veggies in 2 sticks of butter until cooked well. In a very large bowl (the large FixNMix Tupperware bowl), pour the sauteed veggies over the bread crumbs and cubes. In a separate large mixing bowl, mix the eggs, poultry seasoning and water and also two more sticks of melted butter. Pour over the bread. Also pour the chicken broth over the bread and veggies. Mix well. Add more water, if desired, to get the bread mixture to the desired moistness and texture. We like it very moist. Pour and spread into three large baking sheets. (I use the Pampered Chef deep baking sheets.) Cover tightly with foil. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes, until cooked through.

I usually make this stuffing the day before Thanksgiving. Keep it sealed tightly with the foil and reheat. before serving. Cut into squares or scoop into a bowl after reheating to serve. Enjoy!

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Pam said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe!:-) My mom had a huge tupperware bowl to mix her stuffing in and when I married she bought me one to mix my stuffing in. (And it's great to take salads to a bbq.) I'll be trying this recipe.