Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Frequently, I have people suggest that I create a cookbook with all of the recipes that I share on my "other" blog. I mentioned to a friend that I was going to share them on a separate blog that would make it easier to find them again in the future and her response was "Well, it's about time!" First, I must thank the many wonderful friends that I've been blessed with... friends who are great cooks and willing to generously share their recipes. While my great friends and I love to cook, we go from one extreme to the other...keep things simple or go that extra mile to make things special or just plain fun!
The recipes that I create on my own usually come while I'm standing at the baking center in my kitchen covered to my nose in a flour shower or splattered butter or cocoa dust... not the best time to write things down. But, I'm going to try to write them down more often, photograph the pretty stuff and share all that I can!
My "secret brownie" recipe is my most requested. It's the only recipe that I don't share. Years ago, when I was a newlywed, a friend's mother had a secret recipe that was to die for, that she never shared with anyone. Tasting the coveted recipe was always a special treat, something to look forward to! I decided way back then that one day, if I ever came up with a "perfect" recipe of my own, I'd keep it as my secret until the day I died. Then, once I died, it would be printed on the back of the program of my funeral services. I created my secret brownies in about 1982 and to this day, they are still my secret. Want the recipe? Come to my funeral! Until that day, I'm happy to bake the brownies for anyone or any occasion upon request!
You won't get my secret brownie recipe here on the blog, but I promise to share lots and lots of other great ones, plus some fun kitchen tips and ideas to make your own "sentiments from the kitchen"! Enjoy!


Peggy said...

Well here's to hoping we don't get that brownie recipe for many, many, many years.

Amazed said...

Like I've said to you before....I'd be worried that there is a "hit" out on the streets for you! I think, in case of your demise, I should keep a copy of the "secret" recipe in my safe. For safe keeping. You know I'd NEVER look at it. Or use it. Or share it with anyone. Everyone. You know it would be safe with me.......

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Well, I'm with Marilyn, I think you should send a copy of your brownie recipe to Nebraska for safe keeping just in case a hurricane, earthquake or tsunami was to hit Cache Valley. You wouldn't want your brownie recipe to be lost for FOREVER!

I love the idea of a blog just for your recipes. Between you, Marilyn and Heather D., I've had a good year of trying some great, new recipes.

Keep them coming!

Ann in NE

jaredelizabeth said...

Yes it is about time you made a cooking blog. I'm glad I looked at this! I hope you are feeling better and recovery speeds up. We'll see you soon.

leemo said...

I love that you have a secret recipe. The pudding chocolate chip cookies that I'm famous for were given to me by a friend who didn't usually share the secret ingredient (instant vanilla pudding) with everyone, just those she deemed special enough. About 3 years after she gave me the recipe, she died in a car crash, so the recipe remains my most cherished. Another interesting story- apparently while in high school I shared a recipe for a yummy baked cheesecake with a friend, but told her the recipe was secret, and not to share it (I have no memory of doing so) 25 plus years later, after no contact, I get a phone call from her out of the blue asking if she could please share the recipe with her daughter-in-law - I was horrified- and embarrassed since it wasn't "my" recipe, and I had no memory of ever doing that. But more power to you I say. I will request however the next time we're at a function together with Jamie or Carol, that I get to sample one of your famous brownies!(this is Lee by the way)