Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wicked Halloween Bling!

Happy Halloween! My second tablescape on the new antique table! Setting this table each month is like decorating for Christmas! I love it! First, a few shots with the lights on!
These fabulous boots were my inspiration for the whole table. They look pretty wicked from outside as you drive by our home at night!
The black blingee pumpkins on the upsidedown candlesticks were purchased to match the boots... a great start to the table. Now, to turn the lights down low and light the candles.
Here's my October table for two. A romantic little candlelight dinner in a purple mist (tulle) and glitter.
The layers: Black Charger, translucent orange charger, white dinner plate, orange salad plate. My mom, knowing that I love setting a pretty table, picked up the orange chargers at a thrift store last Christmas. 12 for $2! Sweet!
The fabulous wine bottle candlabra was a birthday gift from friend, Marilyn! I love it! It slips into any bottle just like a corkscrew. Being that we don't drink alcohol, it will be interesting to see what other ways I can put it to "work".
The fishbowl type candle holder from Pier One (purchased after Christmas for a song or should I say a carol?!) is filled with purple foil tinsel. Candle from Hobbie Lobby.
One of my favorite decorating quotes: Candles are to be burned not dusted.
Cute little Vintage Happy Halloween is from Taipan and I made the blingee orange potion book in the background. It's a $1 book from the thrift store, painted orange and then stamped with the words, "Spells & Potions", then sprayed with glitter spray. Yagottaluv glitter spray!
Doug described this table as "dining in a mist".
Hope you enjoy!


Entertaining Women said...

You must be having a ball creating tablescapes on your new antique table. Your Halloween design is whimsical and elegant...can't believe that I'm calling a Halloween tablescape elegant...but you've achieved it! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

I agree with Jani too... Nice whimsical TS.

Great idea for Halloween festive to come.

Happy TS,

Deb S. said...

First time stopping by. Love your table. The purple mist element is perfect!

Sharon Haynie said...

Love your table! I'm stealing your ideas with glitter spray-they're fab. Thanks for sharing with us.

A Perfect Settng said...

So creative, I love your design!!

Nicole said...

Love it!! So many inspiring ideas! I am already looking forward to see what you will do with your table next month.

Barbara said...

Oooooooh, spooky AND elegant! I don't think that is easy to do. I love the colors and all the details you have included.

Jami said...

Love your bling! What a great idea to repurpose the book into a potions book! Everything is so pretty!

xinex said...

Oh so lovely and the dim lighting makes it really spooky!...Christine

Alycia Nichols said...

I love all the color!!! I am not a huge fan of plain ol' orange and black, so it's great to see the various colors in there!