Monday, February 28, 2011

March "Welcome Spring!" Table

On the day after a foot of fresh snow fell, I set my March Welcome Spring table anyway! With Easter so late in April this year, I decided it's still Springtime, even though in Utah, we'll enjoy snow through May. So, I let my table says spring anyway!
I used three of my little Hummel figurines that were bearing flowers as gifts. We're so ready for flowers!
Not being much of a St. Patty's Day gal, I still wanted to use lots of green for the table. The green vase with soft green flowers, green dishes and sage green napkins all came together well for not being even closely related.

This, being a spring tablescape, didn't need lots of candlelight, so I opted for an ivy garland woven with a garland of twig patio lights just to give it some pop!

I love this garland with the dew drops on the leaves!

No placemats, just a simple doily across the table.

This is the first tablescape that I've created, in which, I've loved the daytime photos better than the nighttime candlelit shots. The morning sun shining and reflecting off the foot of snow in the front yard was perfect!

Even with all that snow, this table screams "SPRING!!"

I really want to open the windows!

For years, I've kept my Hummels stored in the Curio cabinet, but tablescaping has given me an opportunity to take them out and enjoy them even more! LOVE IT!

It may not bring spring any sooner, but it was my own way of welcoming March in like a Lamb.
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I love your Hummel figurines, I have a couple I bought in Germany many years ago.
I love your green dishes, with the napkins go so lovely together. I love your flowers, Your garland is awesome, it does scream SPRING!!!
Hope to have you visit as I'll be thrilled to have you!

Mindy @ The Howell Blessings said...

I agree! Although I love your night shots, the daytime shots better reflect the mood of a beautiful spring day. What a great way to show off for St. Patty's Day. It's not the expected shamrocks of most, but still whole heartedly fits the celebration! Lovely

Miss Mindy at The Howell Blessings

Linda said...

Your table is refreshing. Love what you did with the garland. The wood table is so warm. Love everything you did. done but not "overdone".


Marigene said...

Beautiful spring table...the green and white is so refreshing...can't wait for the outside be be green once again. Your centerpiece is very fetching.